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Poly Backed VCI Paper Vapor Barrier

Poly Backed VCI Paper Vapor Barrier
Part No: 40PCMPI
Poly Backed VCI Paper Vapor Barrier

VCI Paper with Vapor Barrier Poly Coating: 36 inch or 48 inch wide x 200 yards long rolls

  • VCI-Paper with a poly backing for use with multi-metals
  • 40 pound basis weight natural kraft paper with a 6 pound poly backing
  • Impregnated with VCI vapor corrosion inhibitors
  • An excellent vapor barrier VCI paper
  • Waterproof, vapor-proof, grease-proof vapor barrier VCI paper

For use for the corrosion control of parts where there are combinations of metals such as cast iron, steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, zinc, zinc coated, copper, brass, galvanized, aluminum and non-ferrous corrosion protection.

For use where a VAPOR BARRIER is required.  An excellent product for packaging export parts for protection from humidity & corrosion.  Designed for use on a variety of metals or where a combination of metal types are present.

Specialty products for your VCI packaging requirements of specific types of metals are available at VCI Paper for non-ferrous metals  or fill out this form:  Corrosion Protection Evaluation

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Price: $215.00