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Nox Rust 1101

Nox Rust 1101
Part No NR1101
Nox Rust 1101

Nox-Rust 1101 Mil P-46002 additive VCI Oil 5 gallon pail

  • VCI-10 Oil additive for multi-metal corrosion protection
  • Multi-metal corrosion protection vci oil can be used a 'spray fog' corrosion inhibitor
  • Use for fuel (diesel, bunker C type oils, furnace oil) tanks and voids
  • Will not affect the functional properties of the base oil or fule

What it is used for:

  • Provides internal corrosion protection for engine crankcase, gear boxes, transmission and/or hydraulic oil systems
  • Ideal for oil pressure test stations, OEM equipment internal void corrosion protection and process oil systems
  • Effective corrosion protection in the liquid, vapor and interface states against moisture and corrosive contaminants according to Mil P-46002
  • Corrosion inhibitor recommended for closed and open oil systems
  • Effective at 2 to 3 percent by volume

How to Use It

  • For long term storage of tanks and enclosures use 1 % in oil or apply full strength as a corrosion coating for intermediate to long term storage corrosion protection of the inside of ferrous metal gear boxes, oil tanks, fuel tanks and enclosures
  • VCI Oil additive conforms to Mil P-46002
  • For use in all petroleum based lubricants
Price CAD: 387.65
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