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Nox Rust 7100 X 210

Nox Rust 7100 X 210
Part No NR7100
Nox Rust 7100 X 210

Nox Rust 7100 X-210 ultra thin corrosion control coating

  • Clear, transparent, non-discernable corrosion control coating leaves parts with a shiny luster
  • Displaces and repels water, moisture, emulsified cutting fluids from metal surfaces
  • Nox-Rust 7100 will not emulsify in the presence of alkalines
  • In most cases Nox-rust 7100 does not require removal however it can be removed by petroleum solvents, alkaline cleaners or vapor degreasers
  • Indoor & outdoor sheltered corrosion protection for parts and equipment up to 1 year
  • 3 to 5 years corrosion protection for parts that are subsequently packaged with VCI packaging

Nox-Rust 7100 X-210 Common Uses

  • Interiors and exteriors of machines, It will not clog dies of stamping machines
  • Springs, stampings, saws, blades, machine tools, engines, compressors, refrigeration and aviation parts
  • Watch-maker and precision tools, gear shafts, sockets, hammers, cutting tools, steel plates, taps and drills
  • Bearings, bearing races, knife blades, gear parts and cold rolled steel and other applications
  • As a pre-treatment before packaging parts and equipment with VCI packaging for long term corrosion protection

Provides indoor sheltered and packaged corrosion protection for parts stored indoors for up to 5 years or more when combined with VCI packaging

Laboratory Test Results

  • Humidity Cabinet
    • Nox-Rust 7100 X-210 will protect steel exposed to 100 percent humidity at 120 F minimum 30 days
  • Indoor corroison protection up to 1 year
  • Nox-Rust 7100 treated and VCI packaged parts up to 5 years

Package: 5 US gallons, 55 gallons or 6 Aerosol cans

Price CAD: 440.00
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