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Nox Rust 9300 Rinse Additive

Nox Rust 9300 Rinse Additive
Part No NR9300
Nox Rust 9300 Rinse Additive

Nox-Rust 9300 rinse additive & temporary indoor coating 5 gallon pail

  • Can also be used as an indoor corrosion inhibitor temporary coating or as an outdoor sheltered ( packaged ) corrosion inhibitor for ferrous metals
  • Ultra-thin VCI rust and corrosion preventative
  • Can be diluted with water or petroleum solvents
  • Water Displacing corrosion inhibitor can be applied by rinse, brush, spray, dip or flow coat.
  • Removable corrosion inhibitor
  • For use on ferrous metals including cast iron
  • Popular use is for corrosion protection during the processing, shipping & storage of metal parts

Price CAD: 335.00
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