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V 900

V 900
Part No V900
V 900

V-900 NSN 6850-32-076-1629   Six aerosol cans/carton

  • Clear insulating conformal coating quickly seals, insulates, waterproofs and provides corrosion protection to electronics & electrical panels, circuits, contacts and all metal surfaces inside an enclosure. Ships non-hazardous ground only. Non-flammable & non-conductive (when cured) conformal coating corrosion protection. Repels moisture and provides corrosion protection to all metal surfaces while leaving electrical properties intact
  • V-900 VCI is an effective inhibitor of galvanic corrosion for all metals and alloys normally found in electronics applications such as copper, aluminum, silver, stainless, brass, ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • V-900 contains specialty electronic corrosion inhibitors
  • Eliminates galvanic corrosion commonly found in electrical systems and is extremely effective in protecting silver components from corrosion in printed circuit Boards
  • V-900 is developed for use in outdoor exposed and/or sheltered environments
  • Eliminates down-time due to the corrosion of electronics, electrical and other systems
  • The protecting layer of V-900 does not alter electrical resistance of the conductor, magnetic or thermal properties of metal substrates
  • When applying V-900, make sure to turn off all electrical power sources before application
  • V-900 can be used on small metal parts and other applications where a clear dry layer of corrosion protection is needed. Normally it does not require removal to put parts or equipment in service
  • For severe applications it is recommended to use V-900 with VCI emitters for optimum corrosion protection of electrical equipment
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