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VCI Emitters MDE 30

VCI Emitters MDE 30
Part No MDE30
VCI Emitters MDE 30

Mde 30 VCI dome style emitters protect 1 cubic foot of enclosed space

  • Mde-30 VCI emitter domes with adhesive back strip protect 1 cubic foot of enclosed space
  • Provides superior multi-metal corrosion protection in enclosures where high humidity is present
  • Fifty (50) VCI emitters per Carton (5 x 10 sealed packets per carton.)

VCI Emitters are compact, self-sticking devices and are very easy to install in closed electrical and electronic panels. They made of a sturdy, moisture resistant poly that contains concentrated VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors) that easily vaporizes and deposit corrosion protection on all metal surfaces inside the enclosure. Provides up to 2 years multi-metal corrosion protection including galvanic corrosion control.

Price CAD: 138.95
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