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VCI Stretch Wrap 20x4500 MG

VCI Stretch Wrap 20x4500 MG
VCI Stretch Wrap 20x4500 MG

Machine Grade VCI Stretch Film Pallet Wrap

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  • Roll Size is 20 inches wide x 4500 feet long x 1 mil thick
  • Protected parts of equipment can be used immediately without cleaning or degreasing
  • Light blue tint allows for easy inspection and identification of shipping labels/bar codes through the film

VCI Machine Grade Stretch (pallet) Wrap Features

  • Non-Hazardous
  • Easy to use corrosion protection
  • Does not leave residue on parts
  • Holds protected parts securely in place
  • Can be applied with standard equipment
  • Excellent puncture and tear resistance
  • Recyclable & environmentally friendly
  • Dual action: Contact and VCI protection
  • Excellent clarity, cling, stretch and strength


  • Machine grade
  • Hand grade
  • Custom made widths and thicknesses

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