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Military Specifications  PAINTS - COATINGS - RELATED


TT-P-19CPaint, Acrylic Emulsion, Exterior
TT-L-20ALusterless Camouflage Colors
Buships Formula # 21Stain, Flight Deck
TT-P-24DWater-Resistant Concrete and Masonry Paint
TT-P-25EPrimer for Wood
TT-L-26BGlossy Clear Nitrocellulose Lacquer
TT-P26CFire Retardant Paint
TT-L-26CLacquer, Type I
TT-P-28FHeat-Resisting Aluminum Paint
TT-P-28GHi Heat Aluminum
TT-P-29JLatex Base Interior Paint
TT-P-30EAlkyd Flat Paint
TT-P-31DWood or Metal Ready-Mixed Paint
TT-L-32ALacquer-Gloss Colors for Exterior Metal
TT-P-32BChalkboard Coating Paint, Type II
TT-P-38DPaint, Aluminum, Ready-Mixed
TT-L-40BLacquer for Obliterating Stencil Markings
TT-L-47CAcrylic or Styrene-Acrylic Lacquer
TT-P-47FLusterless Paint - Nonpenetrating Oil Paint
TT-L-0048ANitrocellulose Lacquer
TT-L-50Lacquer, Type III
TT-L-50GNitrocellulose and Acrylic Lacquer in Pressurized Can
TT-L-50GAcrylic Lacquer, Type II
TT-V-51FBlack Asphalt Varnish
TT-P-52DShake Paint - Linseed Oil Base
TT-L-54CAcid Gasoline and Oil Resistant Lacquer
TT-P-54CPhosphorescent Coating Compound
TT-P-55BHomopolymer Polyvinyl Acetate Emulsion Paint
TT-P-56BPrimer Coating, Pigmented Oil
TT-L-57CLacquer, Rubbing, Clear
TT-L-58EFull Gloss for Indoor General use
TT-P-59EOutside Paint - International Orange
TT-P-61EGlossy Black Linseed-Oil Paint
TT-P-71EChrome-Green Paint
MIL-L-73ALusterless Colors for Exterior Use
TT-V-71HClear Gloss Varnish
MIL-E-74BEnamel, Lusterless, Quick Drying
TT-P-81EHouse Paint - Exterior Use
TT-V-81GMixing Varnish for Aluminum Paints
TT-P-85EAirfield Runway, Marking Paint
TT-V-85CFlat Finish Varnish
TT-P-86GRed-Lead Paint with Linseed-Oil Base
TT-V-86COil Varnish for Interior Use on Metal or Wood
TT-P-87DTwo Part Epoxy in 3/4 Ounce Tube for General Use
TT-P-91DRubber Paint - Interior Use
TT-P-92BRubber Paint - Brown
TT-N-95BThinner (Naptha), Cleaning Acrylic Plastics
TT-P-95CSelf-Priming Rubber-Base Paint
TT-P-96DLatex-Base Paint - Exterior Wood and Metal
TT-N-97CAromatic Naptha Thinner
TT-P-97DPolyvinyl Acetate - Exterior Masonry
TT-P-98BStencil Paint
TT-P-00100APaint, Tree Marking
TT-P-102DExterior Oil Paint - Lead-Zinc, Titanium Base
TT-V-109Spar Vanish
TT-V-00109CAlkyd Resin Spar Varnish
TT-P-110CBlack Non-Reflectorized Traffic Paint
Buships-Formula#115Paint, Flight Deck Gray
TT-P-115ETraffic Paint
TT-V-00119CPhenolic Resin Spar Varnish
TT-V-121HOleoresinous-Type Spar Varnish
TT-S-171Floor Sealer, Class II
TT-S-171BFloor Sealer, Class I
TT-S-171CLacquer Sealer
MIL-V-173CMoisture and Fungus Resistant Varnish
TT-S-176ESurface Sealer, Varnish Type
TT-S-178BRenewer for Wood
TT-S-179BPrimer and Sealer for Walls
TT-L-190DBoiled Linseed-Oils
TT-S-190ESurface Sealer, Lacquer Type
TT-R-191DRed Lead-Pigment for Use in Mixing Paints
A-A-208Marking Ink, Type I
TT-L-215DRaw Linseed-Oil
TT-R-230BAlkali Type Remover for Hot Application
TT-R-243Coat Stripper - Nonflammable
TT-R-248ANonflammable Paint Remover
TT-R-251JOrganic Solvent Paint Remover
TT-W-251GWhite Lead, Basic Carbonate
TT-T-266DThinner Dope and Lacquer
TT-T-291Mineral Spirits High Flash, Type II
TT-T-291Odorless Mineral Spirits, Type III
TT-T-291FThinner Mineral Spirits
TT-T-295AMineral Spirit Thinner
MIL-L-296Purple Lacquer
TT-S-300Shellac, Grade B, Type I
TT-S-300ADry Lacquer Base for Shellac Varnish - Bleached and Orange
TT-T-306Thinner For High Solids, Type II
TT-T-306CThinner Enamel Synthetic Resin, Type I
TT-P-320Aluminum Paste Extra Fine, Type II, Class A
TT-P-320Aluminum Paste Standard Grade, Type II, Class B
TT-P-320DAluminum Pigment
TT-F-325Engraving Filler, Type II
TT-P-350ALampblack, Powder Form
A-A-371Linseed Oil, Boiled
TT-L-00371Linseed Oil Mixture, Thinned
A-A-379ALinseed Oil, Raw
TT-P-381EPigments in Oil
MIL-A-388Clear Adhesive Sealing Compound, Type III
MIL-C-450CCoating Compound, Types I & II
MIL-E-480Enamel, Type II
TT-E-485FPrimer/Topcoat, Type II
TT-E-487DFloor, Porch and Deck Enamel
TT-E-488Enamel, Aerosol
TT-E-489FHigh-Gloss Alkyd Enamel
TT-E-489GAir Dry Enamel, Class A
TT-E-489GBake Enamel, Class B
TT-E-490Silicone Enamel
TT-E-490EEnamel, Silicone Alkyd Copolymer, Semigloss
TT-E-491CHigh-Grade Gloss Synthetic Enamel
TT-C-492CAnti-Sweat Paint
TT-C-494Bituminous Coating Compound
TT-E-496BHeat-Resisting Enamel
TT-C-00498AAsphalt-Base and Aluminum Pigmented Roof Coating
TT-E-506KWashable Full-Gloss Enamel
TT-E-508CWashable Semigloss Finish for Kitchens, Bathrooms and Laundries
TT-E-509BAlkyd, Semi-gloss Enamel in White and Tints
TT-E-515Air Dry Enamel
TT-E-515AFast-Drying Lusterless Finish Coat on Military Equipment
TT-E-516ALusterless Air Dry Enamel
TT-E-516AFast-Drying Flat Alkyd Resin
TT-C-520BMotor Vehicle Underbody Coating
TT-E-522ALusterless Phenolic Enamel
TT-E-527Enamel-Lusterless Air Dry or Bake
TT-E-527CLusterless Alkyd Synthetic Enamel
TT-E-527DAir Dry, Low VOC, Alkyd Enamel
TT-E-529CAlkyd Resin Semigloss for Use on Primed Wood and Metal
TT-E-529FEnamel Air Dry S/G, Type I
TT-E-529FBake Enamel S/G, Type II
TT-E-529GHigh Solids Enamel S/G
TT-C-530BPrimer Coating for Rusty Steel Surfaces
TT-C-535BCoating, Epoxy, Two Component, for Interior Use.
TT-E-543AWhite Interior Synthetic Enamel Primer
TT-E-545BAlkyd Undercoat Used as Primer for Interior Enamel
QQ-G-547BGold Leaf
TT-T-548DToluene Technical
TT-C-00555BCoating, Textured for Masonry Surfaces
TT-I-558Stencil Ink, Type I
TT-W-572BWood-Preservative, Water-Repellent
TT-P-600BZinc Chromate Primer for Metal Surfaces
TT-P-605BGray All Purpose Primer
TT-P-620CPrimer Coating for Exterior Surfaces
TT-P-636DRed or Brown Iron-Oxide Primer for Galvanized Metal Surfaces
TT-P-636DZinc Dust-Zinc Oxide Primer for Galvanized Metal Surfaces
TT-P-641GDust-Zinc Oxide Linseed Oil Primer
TT-D-00643CConcentrated Naphthenate Solution
TT-P-645AZinc-Chromate, Alkyd Type, Primer Paint
TT-P-659CPrimer Coating and Surface
TT-P-662BSurface Coating on Primed Metals
TT-P-664CRed Oxide Primer
TT-P-664DPrimer Red Oxide Rev D High Solid
TT-P-666BZinc Yellow Alkyd Resin
DOD-C-698CDeck Enamel - Black, Semigloss
DOD-C-699DDeck Enamel - Gray, Semigloss
DOD-E-700AInterior Deck Enamel-Gray, Semigloss
TT-S-708AExterior Wood Stain
TT-S-711COil Stains for Interior Wood Surfaces
A-A-714Linseed Oil, Alkali-Refined
TT-I-735AIsopropyl Alcohol
TT-E-751CEthyl Acetate Tech
TT-B-846Butyl Alcohol Thinner
AA-857BLacquer Thinner
MIL-S-974ASurface - Sand
TT-P-1046APrimer Coating, Zinc Dust, Chlorinated Rubber
DOD-E-1115BWhite Alkyd Resin Semigloss Enamel for General Purpose Use
MIL-V-1174General Purpose Varnish
DOD-E-1265DWater Resistant Alkyd Resin - Ocean Gray
TT-E-001384Enamel, Gloss, Synthetic
TT-P-001385Primer Coating, Synthetic Gray
TT-T-001386Thinner, Synthetic Resin Enamel and Primer
TT-P-1510APaint, Latex, Exterior for Wood Surfaces, White and Tints
TT-P-1511APaint, Latex-Base, Gloss and Semi-gloss, Tints and White, Interior
AA-1558Stencil Paint
TT-P-1561APaint, Zinc - Aluminum, Rust Inhibitive
TT-P-1565BPaint, Boot-Topping Black
TT-E-159312473 Enamel
TT-P1728APaint, Latex Base, Interior, Flat Deep-Tone
TT-P-1757Green/Yellow Zinc Chromate Primer Comp "G"
TT-P-1757AGreen/Yellow Zinc Chromate Primer
TT-E-001793Enamel, Semi-Gloss for Metal and Wood Furniture
TT-I-1795AStencil Ink, Type II
MIL-E-2052BLusterless Olive Green Camouflage Coat for Plastic Helmet Liners
TT-C-2114Lacquer, Type II
AMS-3110Yellow Zinc Chromate Primer
AMS-3120Gloss Black Bake Enamel
AMS-3125Gray Engine Enamel Bake
AMS-3170Ester Alcohol
MIL-L-3891ALiquid NON-radioactive Fluorescent Luminescent Material
MIL-P-4812Bullet Tipping Paint
MIL-S-5002Liquid Zinc Phosphate
MIL-W-5044Walk Compound, Type II
MIL-D-5549BDope, Cellulose-Acetate-Buyrate Clear Undercoating
MIL-D-5549BClear Gloss Butyrate
MIL-D-5550ADope, Flat Cellulose-Acetate-Butyrate
MIL-D-5551BDope, Glossy Cellulose-Acetate-Butyrate
MIL-D-5553AClear Cellulose Nitrate Dope
MIL-E-5557Air Dry enamel, Bake Enamel, Types II, III, & IV
MIL-E-5558Fine Wrinkle Enamel - Type I, Coarse Wrinkle Enamel, Type II
MIL-L-6047Slashing Sealer
MIL-A-6091Denatured Alcohol
MIL-V-6093Adhesive Varnish
MIL-T-6095ACellulose Nitrate Dope Thinner
MIL-T-6095BCellulose Nitrate Dope Thinner
MIL-T-6096AThinner for Cellulose Acetate Butyrate Dopes
MIL-T-6097AThinner to Eliminate Blushing of Cellulose Acetate Butyrate Dopes
MIL-P-6884FSolvent Removable Paint
MIL-P-6889Zinc Chromate Primer
MIL-S-6892Hot Tank Paint Stripper
MIL-V-6894Clear Gloss Varnish
MIL-V-6894AGlycerol Phthalate Resin Base Varnish
MIL-L-7178Lacquer Clear Gloss Cellulose Nitrate
MIL-E-7729BHigh Gloss Phthalic Alkyd Enamel
MIL-R-7751Hot Tank Paint Remover
MIL-D-7850Fungicidal Butyrate Dope
MIL-P-7962DCellulose Nitrate-Modified Alkyd Yellow Primer Comp. L, Fast Dry
MIL-C-8514Yellow Wash Primer
MIL-P-8585AZinc Chromate Rust Preventive Primer
MIL-R-8633Epoxy Paint Stripper
MIL-P-9053BPaint, Rubber, Rigid and Air Supported Radome
MIL-L-10287Clear Lacquer, Type II
MIL-L-10287BBullet Paint Identification Coating
MIL-L-11195Lacquer Hot Spray
MIL-L-11195DLusterless Finish Coat for Phosphate or Primed Ammunition
MIL-P-11414Red Oxide Primer
MIL-P-11414DQuick Drying Rust Inhibitive Lacquer
MIL-P-11520EPreservative Coating - Rubber
MIL-V-12276Phenolic Baking Varnish
MIL-P-12742CPhenolic Primer for Wood Surfaces
MIL-E-13072AOlive Drab Camouflage for Neoprene Coated Cloth
MIL-P-13340CWater Paste Paint
MIL-W-13518CWood Preservative for Pretreatment of Wood Prior to Painting
MIL-L-13629C36231 Flat Gray Air Dry Lacquer
MIL-V-13750BAmmunition Varnish
MIL-V-13811DPhthalic Alkyd Resin Varnish
MIL-P-13983DLusterless Paint for Blackout or Camouflage and Identification
MIL-P-14105CHeat-Resisting Paint, Olive Drab
MIL-P-14553Automotive Dipping Primer
MIL-E-15090Air Dry Enamel, Types I & II, Class I & II
MIL-E-15090BLight Gray Finish Coat for Equipment, Furniture Switchboard Installation, Ty I, Cl II
MIL-E-15090CBake Enamel, Type III, Class I & II
MIL-P-15123ABoat - Topping Enamel for Wooden and Steel Boats
MIL-E-15129CWater Resistant alkyd Resin - Navy Gray
MIL-E-15130CWater Resistant Alkyd Resin - Haze Gray, Air Dry Enamel
MIL-P-15144AEnamel-Binder for Antisweat Coating
MIL-E-15145BRust Inhibiting Zinc-Dust Enamel for Interior of Fresh Water Tanks
DOD-P-15146BDull Black Exterior Enamel
MIL-P-15149Paint, Stencil
MIL-P-15183BOutside Gray Enamel
MIL-W-15234BWhiting - Fine Powder
DOD-P-15328BCoating Compound - Metal Pretreatment Resin Resistant
MIL-P-15328CBlue Wash Primer
DOD-P-15328DGreen Wash Primer
MIL-P-15929Vinyl - Red Lead Shipboard Primer
MIL-P-15930CPrimer Vinyl Zinc Chromate Comp G
MIL-P-15931Vinyl & Antifouling Paint
MIL-P-15932BVinyl Enamel
MIL-E-15936Gray Exterior Enamel
MIL-P-16232General Purpose Paint
MIL-V-16399AVarnish Moistureproof, Types A & B
MIL-E-16663Air Dry Enamel, Type I, Class I
MIL-E-16663ABake Enamel, Type II, Class II
MIL-E-16738White Vinyl Alkyd Semigloss
MIL-C-17504BColorless Acrylic Resin Coating
MIL-P-17544Alkyd Primer Paint - Red Lead Type
DOD-P-17545DAlkyd Primer Coating - Red Lead Type
MIL-W-18142BWood Preservative-Oil Soluble
DOD-E-18210BDeck Enamel - Terra Cotta
DOD-E-18214BDeck Enamel - Dark Green Flat
MIL-R-18553Paint Remover
DOD-R-18708BTemporary Corrosion Arrestor
MIL-L-19537Clear Gloss Acrylic Lacquer
MIL-L-19537CGeneral Purpose Acrylic Nitrocellulose Lacquer-Full Gloss
MIL-L-19538BGeneral Purpose Acrylic Nitrocelluose Lacquer-Lusterless
MIL-L-19538CLacquer Clear Acrylic
MIL-T-19544BAcrylic Nitrocelluose Lacquer Thinner
MIL-T-19588Toluene-Methyl Isobutyl Ketone Mixture
MIL-P-20088Corrosion Preventive Solution Concentrate
MIL-E-20090AAlkyd Resin Striping and Stenciling Paint - Brown, Semigloss
MIL-P-21035Paint High Zinc Dust Content
MIL-P-21563Paint, Fluorescent
MIL-P-21563BHigh-Visibility Fluorescent Paint System, Clear Vivid Topcoat
MIL-P-21600Paint, Fluorescent
MIL-P-21600ARemovable High Visibility Exterior Fluorescent
MIL-R-21972Fluorescent Paint Remover
MIL-E-22118BEnamel, Electrical-Insulating
MIL-P-22298Black Polyisobutyl Primer
DOD-C-22325ATinting Colors
MIL-P-22332BPaint, Priming, Exterior and Interior for Ammunition
MIL-C-22750DEpoxy-Polyamide Chemical and Solvent Resistant Finish, Type I
MIL-C-22750EHigh Solids Epoxy, Type I
MIL-C-22751DCoating Systems, Epoxy
MIL-P-23377Epoxy-Polyamide Prime, Type II, Green
MIL-P-23377FYellow Primer Epoxy-Polyamide, Class I, Type I
MIL-R-234612 Part Epoxy Compound
MIL-P-24138Passivator Compound
MIL-P-24351Primer Coat Blue
MIL-P-24441APaint, Epoxy, Polyamide
DOD-E-24607Fire Retardent Enamel
MIL-E-24635Silicone Enamel
DOD-C-24667Deck Coating
MIL-R-25134Paint Remover
MIL-R-25134BNonflammable Paint Remover
MIL-P-26915BPrimer Coating, Zinc Dust Pigmented
MIL-C-27227Coating, Polyurethane Thermal Resistant
MIL-P-28582Primer Coating, Exterior, Lead Pigment Free
MIL-P-30501Prussian Blue Paste
MIL-S-30132Clear Lacquer
MIL-P-38336Primer Coating, Inorganic Zinc Dust Pigmented
MIL-C-38427ACoating Kit, Topcoat, Pigmented
MIL-C-43460BCoatings, Lusterless for Helmets and Liners
MIL-E-46061Enamel Dark Green Solar Heat Resist
MIL-P-46067Imbedded Epoxy Resin
MIL-R-46073Organic Solvent Type Paint Remover
MIL-L-46075ALacquer, Red for Ammunition Primers
MIL-P-46078Polyurethane Potting Compound
MIL-C-46081ACoating Compound, Thermal Insulating
MIL-P-46093APrimer Coating, Synthetic, for Brake Drums
MIL-E-46096CEnamel, Lusterless, Quick Drying; Solar Heat Reflecting
MIL-P-46102APrimer Coating, Wood, Alkyd Oil, Oliver Drab
MIL-P-46105Weld-Through Primer, Zinc Rich
MIL-R-46116Paint Stripper
MIL-E-46117ASolar Heat Reflect 30372 Saudi Tan Flat
MIL-C-46127Undercoat Gray Flat Solar Heat Reflect
MIL-E-46136Solar Heat Reflecting Enamel, Type I, Bake Enamel, Type III
MIL-L-46138Lacquer, Solar Heat Reflecting, Lusterless, Oliver Drab
MIL-C-46168Urethane, Type II, High Solids Urethane, Type IV
MIL-P-47215Metal Surface Primer
MIL-P-47298Chemically curred Polyurethane Molding
MIL-P-48699Black High Heat Resisting
MIL-P-50002Phosphate Coating Compound
MIL-P-53030Water Reducible White Primer
MIL-L-52043Nitrocellulose Lacquer
MIL-P-52192Red Oxide Epoxy Primer
MIL-E-52227Air Dry Enamel
MIL-F-52252Filler Dent-Metal Surface
MIL-E-52798Enamel, Type II
MIL-E-52798AEnamel, Alkyd, Camouflage
MIL-E-52835AEnamel, Modified Alkyd, Camouflage, Lusterless
MIL-E-58291Zinc Phosphate Enamel
MIL-L-52909Lacquer, Acrylic, Camouflage, Lusterless
MIL-E-52929Enamel, Alkyd, Camouflage, Flash Dry
MIL-P-52977Anti-Corrosive Alkyd Primer
MIL-P-52995Red Oxide Primer
MIL-P-53022BLead & Chromate Free Primer Epoxy Coat high Solids, Types I & II
MIL-R-81294BRemover, Paint, Epoxy System
MIL-R-81261Rain Repellent, Inflight Application, Window & Windshield
MIL-C-81346BCompound, Deck Covering
MIL-8-81352Lacquer (REV A) Acrylic Lacquer
MIL-I-81352Rule 228, Acrylic Comp L Lacquer
MIL-L-81352ALacquer, Acrylic - for Naval Weapons Systems
MIL-T-81772Polyurethane Thinner, Type I
MIL-T-81772Epoxy Thinner, Type II
MIL-T-81772Acrylic Alkyd Thinner, Type III
MIL-R-81835Hot Tank Paint Remover
MIL-R-81903ARemover, Acid Activated for Amine Cured Epoxy Coating Systems
MIL-A-82484Clear Adhesive, Type I
MIL-A-82484Red Adhesive/Sealing Compound, Type II
MIL-A-82484Clear Adhesive/Sealing Compound, Type III
MIL-P-82797Silicone Primer
MIL-C-83286BCoating urethane, Aliphatic Isocyanate
MIL-R-83397Epoxy Coating
MIL-R-83936Remover, Paint, Tank Type For Aircraft Components
MIL-C-85285BPolyurethane High Solids, Aircraft & Weapon Systems, Type I
MIL-C-85285BPolyurethane High Solids, Ground Support Equipment, Type II
MIL-P-85582General Purpose Paint

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