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Mil-Spec Military Specifications for Corrosion Inhibitors

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Military Specifications for CORROSION PREVENTIVES

VV-L-900ALubricating Oil, General Purpose, Preservative
VV-L-800Lubricating Oil, low viscosity oil, preservative & penetrating
MIL-R-3043BPermanent Corrosion Preventive and Oil Resistant Coating
MIL-C-3301Weapons Coating
MIL-C-5410Cleaning Compound For Aluminum Surfaces
MIL-C-5541ACorrosion Preventive for Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys
MIL-C-6529Corrosion Preventive For Jet Engines
MIL-C-8188Corrosion Preventive For Turbo Prop Engines
MIL-D-9063ADesealant, Integral Fuel and Oil Tanks
MIL-C-10382CPetrolatum-Base Preventive Compound
MIL-C-11796BPetrolatum-Base Compound
MIL-C-15074CCorrosion Preventive Finger Print Remover for Metallic Surfaces
MIL-C-16173DNonvolatile-Base Material in Petroleum Solvent
Grade 3
MIL-C-16173D Nonvolatile-Base Material in Petroleum Solvent
MIL-C-18480ACold Applied Coal-Tar Base Coating
MIL-C-18487AGun Slushing Corrosion Preventive Compound
MIL-P-20689CPlastic Plastisol
MIL-R-21006Corrosion Preventive, FlotationType
MIL-C-22235ANon-staining Oil
MIL-C-23050Corrosion Compound
MIL-C-23411ACorrosion Preventive Compound - Liquid Application
MIL-C-27725BCoatings, Corrosion Preventive
MIL-C-40084BCorrosion Preventive Compound, Water-Emulsifiable, Oil Type
MIL-C-47113Heat Sink Coating
MIL-C-47116Epoxy Resin
MIL-C-47258Epoxy Resin
MIL-C-62218Vehicle Rust Proofing Compound
MIL-C-81309CCorrosion Preventive Compound
MIL-C-81706Chemical Conversion Materials for Coating Aluminum
MIL-S-81733CSealing Compound, Corrosion Preventive
MIL-C-82052Corrosion Coating
MIL-C-82805Silicone Rubber Compound
MIL-C-83933AAutomotive Rust Proofing
MIL-C-85054Water-Displacing Coating
VV-P-236Petrolatum, Technical

Mil Spec compounds can be purchased from Kpr Adcor Inc.

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