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KPR Rust Remover Gel

Biodegradable non-hazardous KPR Rust Remover Jelly 1 gallon jug

  • KPR Rust Removal Jelly for vertical surfaces
  • So safe it can even ship by AIR!
  • Safe on human skin, non-flammable, neutral pH
  • Recommended for light to medium surface rust removal

Neutral pH Non-acid rust remover gel. Works well on overhead and vertical surfaces  Removes surface rust on ferrous metals and removes oxide from non-ferrous metals.   Wipe it on let it stand for 15 to 120 minutes depending on the amount of rust to be removed. Rinse it off with water. A one step treatment to remove corrosion from metals. No additional steps required as it leaves the metal near to a neutral pH when done.

Gel form, rust stripper removes corrosion from steel, ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Removes light rust from cast iron. Gets rid of flash rust in as little as 15 minutes.

Heavily rusted surfaces can take up to 3 hours to remove the rust. Environmentally safe formula attacks the rust but will not hurt the metal(s) underneath, so it is great for restorations where bead-blasting and polishing are undesirable.

NOT recommended for extra heavy rusted surfaces.  Contact KPR for details.

Much safer to use than traditional acid pickling processes. Non-flammable, acid-free, and biodegradable with low toxicity and minimal odor. Easy, one-step process does not require multiple baths or rinses. Use full-strength straight from container, no messy diluting, mixing, or measuring.

Re-usable - one jug cleans up to 150 lbs. of rusty metal. Solution turns black when its rust removal properties have been exhausted. Also great for de-rusting tools, light auto rust, bikes, antiques, lawn furniture, and many other items around the house or shop.

One 0.5 gallon jug

| KPR Safe Rust Remover Jelly Data Sheet | Safe Rust Remover Liquid | KPR Rust Remover FAQ |

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