VCI 1 Powder 50 Pounds : Corrosion Inhibitor Powder

VCI 1 Powder 50 Pounds
Part No VCI-1
VCI 1 Powder 50 Pounds

VCI-1 Powder corrosion inhibitor Department of Defense Specification A-A-59441 Type 5, Form 2 and Form 3 Naval Sea Systems Command (Ship Systems)

  • Conforms to Mil I-22110
  • VCI Powder is a water-soluble formulation of Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI)
  • For ferrous metals, stainless steel, cast iron & aluminum
  • use as an additive for hydro-testing, dry fogging or as an additive to other water based fluids such as machine coolant, metalworking fluids, test baths, metal washing compounds, boiler water, closed loop water systems, degreasing solutions, mothballing lay-up of plant and equipment, metal washing compounds and final rinse in a production line
  • VCI-1 Powder is an excellent rust inhibitor to add to parts washer and pressure washing equipment to add corrosion resistance
  • VCI-1 Powder is effective corrosion protection when used in a wet or dry applied application
  • This formulation is especially effective way of protecting ferrous and aluminum metals from corrosion due to adverse environmental conditions such as high heat and humidity, seawater or other harsh environments

Dry VCI Powder Application

  • For average conditions the recommended dosage is 0.30 ounces (weight) per cubic foot (28 Liters) of enclosed space ( 300 g/cubic meter)
  • Concentration can be increased to protect metals under more severe conditions
  • Powder is applied by air fogging or sprinkling the dry powder into the vessel and subsequently closing or sealing treated area to contain the protective vapor

Wet VCI Powder Application Method

  • For average conditions the recommended dosage as a solution is a 0.25% in water (based upon weight of the total volume of water
  • This solution is recommended as a hydrostatic test fluid or as an additive to a final rinse in metalworking applications for a once through use
  • Concentration can be increased to protect metals under more severe conditions
  • For a wet applied lay up or 6 month corrosion protection use 2 percent VCI-1 powder and circulate the solution for 6 to 8 hours
  • Vessel can be drained and sealed or closed and laid up with the solution left in the vessel
  • The treated area is then closed or sealed

Parts Washers / Pressure Washers Rust Prevention Application

  • Add 2 % by weight of the volume of water detergent mixture and re-use the solution several times

VCI-1 Powder Features

  • Non-Flammable
  • Safe Plant Handling
  • Low Odor
  • Forms a homogenous mixture in water and will not precipitate out of solution
  • Non-hazardous
  • NOT a marine polutant
  • Provides corrosion protection up to 2 - 10 years or more with one dose depending on the amount applied and the integrity of the sealed vessel
  • Provides corrosion protection in the liquid and the vapor phase
  • When used in liquids the product provides protection in liquids below, above and at the liquid level
  • Provides corrosion protection of recessed and hard to reach areas
  • Complicated valves and the interior surfaces of piping and equipment, which are often difficult or impossible to reach, are protected with true Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) action

Easy to Use VCI-1 Powder Corrosion Protection

VCI Powder is applied by either blowing with conventional air blasting equipment or other methods using compressed air. Can be applied by sprinkling of VCI powder, rinsing or dipping metals in a solution of VCI powder & water, hydrotest solution, metalworking fluids, coatings, adhesives and water treatment formulations.

  • Solubility in water 15% at Room temperature
  • Corrosion protection up to two (2) Years with average dose and average conditions
  • Protected surfaces should be inspected, whenever possible, after the first six month period
  • The product will protect metal surfaces for up to 24 months in a closed vessel
  • Removal If required vci powder can easily be easily removed by flushing with water or blowing with air
  • VCI-1 Powder is 100% biodegradable and non-polluting

VCI Powder Uses

  • Corrosion protection of large vessels and tanks
  • Seasonal layup of water boilers, steamers, cooling towers and industrial equipment
  • Corrosion protection of pipes and piping in storage, transit or layup
  • Hydro static testing solutions
  • Closed loop water systems
  • Metal working fluid additive
  • Metal cleaning additive
  • Final rinse additive
  • Lay up and storage corrosion inhibitor solution or powder
  • Dry fogging enclosures for long term storage
  • Washins systems including cast iron
  • Mothballing of plant and equipment long or short term

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