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Mil-Spec Military Specifications for Lubricants available from Kpr Adcor Inc.  'We Stop Rust!'   Toll Free 1-866-577-2326



Nox-Rust 1100 and Nox-Rust 1101 Concentrate are contact and vapor phase corrosion inhibitor compounds. They are intended for use as a preservative/additive for enclosed systems where volatile components provide protection above, below and at the point of contact of the oil level. Nox Rust 1100 and Nox Rust 1101 diluted with oil can be used as a contact preservatives. Nox-Rust 1100 and Nox-Rust 1101 PASS Military Specification MIL-PRF-46002A tests.


MIL-P-46002A  Nox-Rust 1100

MIL-P-46002A is a contact and volatile corrosion inhibiting compound. It is intended for use as a preservative/additive for enclosed systems where volatile components provide protection above the oil level. Nox-Rust 1100  can be used as a contact preservative. Conforms to Military Specification MIL-PRF-46002, Grade 1.


Mil-PRF-21260E Grade 10W

Mil-PRF-21260E Grade 10W is an internal combustion engine oil and corrosion preventive for all new and rebuilt engines. The film is oily and translucent. As a preservative oil it protects engine parts during covered shipment and indoor storage. Approved under Military Specification MIL-PRF-21260E, Grade 10W and SAE Standard J2361


Nox Rust 7800 Federal Specification VV-L-800  Click here to purchase

Nox-Rust 7800 differs from ordinary corrosion preventive liquids in that it is also an excellent lubricant. In general, this material is used on high precision equipment, assemblies and parts and need not be removed or replaced with conventional lubricants.
Nox-Rust 7800 is a light preservative oil especially suited for precision instruments, firearms, antique typewriters and other close tolerance mechanisms as well as for their individual components.   It is especially good for lubrication at low temperatures.

                    Spread Rate:  (49.1 sq. meters per liter)
                    Viscosity SUS @ 100F. 66-70
                    CTS @ -65F. 60,000
                    Flash point, min. 275F. (135C)
                    Pour point -70F. (-56.67C)


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